Solidarity City: Connecting social, environmental and cultural transitions in European cities

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Join us on June 3 for an Afternoon Aperitivo talk to launch Cooperative City’s new platform, Solidarity City.

Solidarity City is a platform to explore solidarity initiatives in Vienna, telling the stories of their protagonists, examining their legal and policy challenges and analysing their modes of cooperation with various partners.

The first Solidarity City Afternoon Aperitivo will bring together Viennese and international initiatives and knowledge institutions to discuss their challenges and opportunities to develop more robust solidarity networks locally.

In many Western societies, polarisation and individualism have brought significant challenges to both traditional solidarity structures and welfare services. While many citizen-led solidarity initiatives helped vulnerable groups weather successive crises in the past decade, their real impact can only be conceived in cooperation with public administrations and knowledge institutions. Vienna has been seen as a role model for affordable housing and contemporary welfare services. However, even in the Viennese context, solidarity initiatives that have developed a series of complementary services play an important role in bridging the gaps of public welfare provision.

We will explore:

  • How can municipalities and knowledge institutions support solidarity initiatives?
  • How do networks of solidarity function in Vienna and other European cities?
  • How can initiatives tackle social, cultural and environmental topics at the same time?
  • How can solidarity initiatives adapt to crises (refugees, food crisis, inflation, economic crisis)?



Alexandra Gruber, Managing Director of Wiener Tafel, Austria’s oldest food bank, Vienna

Flóra László, Director, Community Engagement Office at Central European University, Vienna

Rui Franco, President of the Lisbon Community-Led Local Development Network, Lisbon

Fariba Mosleh, Project Manager and Curator at transcultural art and social laboratory, Brunnenpassage, Vienna


Daniela Patti and Levente Polyak, Eutropian

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