Submission by HOUSE-IN partners for Radical Housing Journal

As the HOUSE-IN project comes to an end, a submission to the December issue (4.2) of the Radical Housing Journal was made with the title “Refugee migration from Ukraine to other parts of Europe – Challenges to the housing-integration intersection at the city level


The journal article discusses the challenges of the housing-integration nexus at the local scale. These insights have been gained during the HOUSE-IN project, and discussed in exchanges in May and September of 2022. The article further discusses the role of non-state actors at the housing-integration nexus, selective solidarity in housing, and the challenges imposed by temporarity and uncertainty in housing needs currently and in the future. 


The authors of the journal article include the partners of the HOUSE-IN project. If you would like to read the journal article, it can be found here


Keywords: Refugee migration, Ukraine, European cities, housing integration, selective solidarity 



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HOUSE-IN is a 18 month research programme, which started in June 2021 and was funded by JPI Urban Europe.

The project partners are Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, University of Latvia, Lund University, Malmö University, Austrian Academy of Sciences and Eutropian GmbH.

For more information on the project, don’t be shy, reach out to project leader Bahanur Nasya.

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