Do you think you know Rome after having seen the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums and Trastevere?

Well, we think you don’t.

Rome is a vast collection of diverse islands that are scattered around the territory, keeping inside many surprises and secretes. It is the second city in Europe for agricultural surface, it has the most public housing in all Italy and squatting is a common practice for preservation.

Eutropian organises thematic tours for architecture and planning lovers that would like to see the real Rome, unrevealed to most tourist.

Please find below some examples of the tours we recently organised.


FLAMINIO: the large scale regeneration projects


View here the synthetic description of Flaminio neighbourhood


MONTE SACRO: from Garden City to temporary uses 

GARBATELLA: A Garden City from Fascist to Green

QUADRARO: Social solidarity and the Roman periphery

PIGNETO: The emerging creative district



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