Urban forestation continues

Last six months into Prato Urban Jungle

The second edition of Prato Urban Jungle (PUJ) journal describes and analyses the progress of the project in the last six months, from May 2021 to October 2021. During this period the progress of the project is in line with what was planned although the consortium has asked a year extension due to the impact of Covid-19 at the beginning of the project.

Daniela Patti looks into the implementation phase

The content of this second edition is based on a series of interviews that took place on October 2021 with members of the PUJ consortium, among others, the Municipality of PratoTreedomLegambiente Toscana and greenApes.

Eutropian’s Daniela Patti reported updates on pilot sites, highlighted the importance of digitalization in PUJ and delved into different ways of raising awareness among citizens in regards of greenery, biodiversity and sustainability

Have a look and read her article in full, here


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