ACTive NGOs Urbact Transfer Network starts!

Levente Polyak is supporting the City of Riga to transfer their good practice ACTive NGOs to other European cities!

The City Council of Riga (LV) opened the Riga NGO House in September 2013, in line with the wishes of residents and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The aim was to help implement the Riga City Society Integration Programme for 2012-2017, support NGOs, and promote increased citizen awareness of local affairs and participation in municipality-related activities.
Set in a refurbished school building, the NGO House is a space where organisations can develop sustainable cooperation with the municipality; receive educational, technical, administrative and informative support; and organise various events and activities. It is also a place for raising and debating issues that are topical for civil society.
The NGO House offers resources for capacity building, exchange of information, experience and best practices, networking and leadership training. It promotes the processes of societal integration, social inclusion and citizen participation.

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