Eutropian's Bahanur Nasya shares her insights on urban renewal with social impact

Watch Bahanur share her expertise on Urban Renewal and insights from the PlaceCity project on Wednesday, 30th June, from 2.30-3.30pm.

Nothing has given a more acute sense of the place we live than the challenges presented by COVID-19. The importance of Home has been at the forefront of all of our minds over the last year, but our geographical boundaries and the public services and businesses that operate locally have also come to the fore.

This conference will explore what Placemaking means for housing associations, how it can be delivered in practice, and seek to gain inspiration from elsewhere. What have we learned over the last year, and how can we build places that people want to live in? To view the full conference programme, please click here

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Eutropian is part of PlaceCity. A project about placemaking as a new approach to creating better cities together by gathering placemaking tools and implement those tools in the partner cities Vienna and Oslo. Click here for more information and access to the placemaking toolbox!

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