The need for the project PlaceCity

Historic streets were an essential part and place of the public life, a meeting and gathering place, a working area or a place to play. With the contemporary development models and mass traffic, public spaces, especially streets, lost their qualities to comfort people. Since the 1960’s placemakers, like Jane Jacobs or PPS, have been engaged to back the human scale in the cities. The global placemaking movement is continuously expanding, yet there is still a growing need for improved methodologies and stronger alliances. All European placemakers need to join forces in order to have a bigger impact on the places of our society. PlaceCity aims to built up this European network and provide practitioners with important tools and activities.

Short description PlaceCity

PlaceCity will advance placemaking as a new approach to creating better cities together by gathering placemaking tools and implement those tools in the partner cities. The aim is not merely to test the tools but also to establish fair cooperation models and sustainable business cases for placemaking in local contexts. To achieve this, project partners work together with a combination of local partners (cities, communities, businesses) as well as institutions (knowledge organisations, governments and other public bodies).  


Contact: Bahanur Nasya Project start: 1.2.2019 Website: Partners: superwien urbanism OG, Magistratsabteilung 18 Stadtentwicklung und Stadtplanung, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien – social design, Eutropian GmbH, Gallis Miljø og Kommunikasjon – Nabolagshager, stipo, Oslo kommune, BIDs Belgium, Placemaking Europe Supported by
JPI Urban Europe,  Federal Ministry Republic of Austria: Transport, Innovation and Technology, The Research Council of Norway ”This project has received funding in the framework of the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe.”