Daring Cities, digital communities - EURegionsWeek

On Tuesday, 12th October, Eutropians Bahanur Nasya moderated the workshop on “Daring Cities, digital communities” as part of the 19th European Week of Regions and Cities.

Just as some European cities were starting up disruptive projects, tackling inclusion and digital transition (within the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative), the COVID-19 pandemic changed the scenario, accelerated the digital transition and raised new challenges. Enabling urban collaborative ecosystems on the one side, and promoting data and digital tools, on the other, have become tightly connected. Decision-makers, professionals and citizens gathered to reflect on new paths for European cities.

Watch the recording below:

Bahanur Nasya, Director, Eutropian, Austria.

Tim Caulfield, Director, UIA Permanent Secretariat, France.
Emanuela Medeghini, Head of EU policies office, Municipality of Ravenna, Italy.
Francesca Passeri, Deputy Director, European Crowdfunding Network, Belgium.
Alanus von Radecki, UIA expert, Data-competence center for cities and regions (DKSR), Germany.

Participatory Lab – world café, ideas labs
Digital Transition
Gava City Council, Municipality of Heerlen, Municipality of Ravenna , Municipality of Újbuda (Budapest XI), Rennes Métropole
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