How to contribute to innovative, integrated and effective urban policies

On Thursday, 14th October, Eutropians Daniela Patti moderated the workshop on “How to contribute to innovative, integrated and effective urban policies – UIA stories” as part of the 19th European Week of Regions and Cities.

The COVID-19 crisis is a critical time for cities across the EU. They are at the forefront, providing effective solutions to this unprecedented situation and looking for inspiring, adaptable and concrete ideas. And it’s exactly now, after five years of the Urban Innovative Actions initiative, that 21 ERDF-funded projects are completing their activities and delivering tangible achievements and concrete results at local level. UIA cities committed to supporting innovation initiatives and ideas have made use of their mindset of agility, experimentation and cooperation to adapt to and tackle new challenges.

The session built on these concrete experiences from UIA cities tackling complex urban challenges, impacting positively their areas and bringing expected changes.

Watch the recording below:

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Daniela Patti, Director, Eutropian, Italy.

Giovanni Ferrero, Co-City project manager, City of Turin, Italy.
Andrea Swedenborg, DIACCESS project manager, City of Växjö, Sweden.
Raphaëlle Thollier, OASIS project manager, City of Paris, France.
Laura Čodere, NextGen Microcities project manager, City of Ventspils, Latvia.

Melina Daskalakis, Executive Advisor for Migrants and Refugees and City Councilor, City of Athens, Greece.
Agnieszka Siłuszek, Project Coordinator, UIA, France.
Anamaria Vrabie, Cluj Future of Work project manager, City of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Urban Innovative Actions Initiative (UIA)
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