Eutropian's Cities, stories and narratives.

Over the years, we’ve visited numerous cities and sites through the projects we’ve worked on.

Our stays were always fruitful and enjoyable. Not only did we collaborate with our partners and partake in exchanges, but we also utilized the opportunity to gather the stories of the initiatives, cities and communities we had the privilege of meeting and spending time with.

We now have a database filled with interviews, photographs, anecdotes, data, information and everything in between.

So what better way to make use of all the material in our possession?

We present to you, Eutropian Zoom-ins. Where we’ll be “zooming in” on the cities and communities that are partners in the projects we’re working on, or have already been involved with.

Hope you enjoy it… Go ahead… Feel free to take a stroll through Eutropian’s cities.

The AGORA cities

AGORA is an exchange project that deploys and adopts creative governance instruments for public administrations in the Danube region. These instruments will be used to effectively involve, connect and empower a wide range of stakeholders in the reintegration of vacant buildings and land, whether it be public or private. Click on a city or project listed below, to be taken to their stories.

The Toplocentrale is a historic building, re-activated by an arts collective and transformed through the efforts of numerous stakeholders. Click to read their story.

Currently facing rapid growth, the IRIS district is home to a demographic change. Click to read the story of IRIS.

Svilarska is a historical street in centre of City of Koprivnica. Years and years of status quo where little to nothing was done to revitalize it led to it’s current state.

 Click to read the story of Svilarska

Drulovka is a neighborhood that lies on the outskirts of the town, is the furthest from the center and borders the rural hinterland south of Kranj. Local citizens are asking for improvement of their living environment.

 Click to read the story of Drulovka

Prague 9 is an ambitious development project that will have social, economical, infrastructural and cultural impact on local level and economical impact on regional level.

 Click to read the story of Prague 9

BUCIUMUL Studio is an expansive area in the city, once used as an important movie set for the country. It is now site to one of the pilot projects of the Chisinau municipality as part of their urban regeneration agenda.

 Click to read the story BUCIUMUL

The City of Zenica has chosen an abandoned building in the Business zone of Zenica as a pilot project. The location used to be a Building for Technical control in a former steel plant Željezara Zenica.

 Click to read the story

The property to be developed in Szarvas is located next to the already presented cultural heritage site, the Granarium – one of the most emblematic buildings of the city center. Built 1827, it has been home to one of the country’s most prestigious youth clubs since the 1990s.

 Click to read the story

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