Bahanur Nasya will be a panelist on: The regeneration conundrum: Urban renewal without gentrification webinar, organized by the World Built Environment Forum.

Join us for the broadcast and take part in this lively discussion!

When: September 23, 2020
16:00-17:00 BST
More info:

Urban renewal without gentrification

Urban renewal was originally conceived as a means reinvigorating inner city districts hollowed out by the deindustrialisation of the late 20th century. While investment in troubled neighbourhoods may appear to be an uncomplicated “good idea”, very often such schemes result in the displacement of the communities they were intended to help.



Minouche Besters, Partner, STIPO

Ciaran Gunne-Jones, Senior Director, Head of Economics at Lichfields

Bahanur Nasya, Architect, Eutropian with PlaceCity project

The discussion will focus on following questions:

  • What does inclusive regeneration look like?
  • How can local communities be empowered to lead on the renewal of their home neighbourhoods?
  • And what are the giveaway signs that regeneration has mutated into gentrification?

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