Eutropian’s Yilmaz Vurucu presented examples of innovative community activation during his presentation for the design matters seminar series. 

Yilmaz focused on Stara Trznica (Bratislava), Largo Residencias (Lisbon) and Sarg Fabrik (Vienna) as three of the most impressive examples he came across while producing the Open Heritage documentary series.

While providing a background and brief history of the sites, he focused on the unique economic models developed by the three cases. The presentation provided a detailed look into how the initiatives involved in the regeneration and repurposing of these unique locations activated communities and neighborhoods in the vicinity.

He also briefly summarized the unique activities (in the form of festivals, performances, food exchange etc.) they organized and how they connected various members and groups of the local community – fostering dialogue, exchange and mutual understanding as a result.

What is the design matters seminar series?

The seminar series – Design Matters – aims to promote our understanding of design-led approaches to social innovation and social entrepreneurship. The series is a contribution to the COST Action – “Multi-Disciplinary Innovation for Social Change”. You can view the sixth episode in full, below.

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