CONSIDER - Sustainable Management of Industrial Heritage as a Resource for Urban Development

Eutropian is part of the CONSIDER project which aims to develop a sustainable management model for industrial heritage sites. The goal is to create a benefit for the local communities as a resource for strengthening collective identities, improving the urban landscape, promoting eco-friendly solutions, and contributing to the urban economy and a sustainable future of the city.

Objectives and Expected Results

The overarching goal of the CONSIDER project is to bring forward industrial heritage sites as part of a wider social landscape merged with skills and local memory, and study its potential as a key element of urban and regional development strategies, abiding with European Parliamentary Assembly report (Dervoz, 2013). Furthermore, to explore inclusive governance and participatory models as a tool to better integrate industrial heritage within society through a comprehensive inventory which will lead to innovative sustainable management models for industrial heritage sites. Through identifying key values attributed to industrial heritage in various countries, by different stakeholders, heritage communities and expert groups, this project will reflect the global, regional, national and local significance of IHS for sustainable development.


CONSIDER research question:

  1. How to improve existing definitions of industrial heritage from the regional, local, economic and historical aspects?
  2. How to ensure that the stakeholders recognize and prioritize public benefit for industrial heritage development, preservation and the social inclusiveness as part of the European
    shared culture?
  3. How to measure the balance between economic development and preserving industrial heritage? How can the principle of “sustainable development through conservation” be applied
    through the different approaches to understanding heritage?
  4. How does industrial heritage contribute to mobilize knowledge and research in building an innovative Europe?
  5. How can industrial heritage and the adaptation of industrial sites help to strengthen local and global partnerships and to reinforce international cooperation for burning priorities of recovery (economic, social and cultural) in the era of social distancing and deglobalization? Can the added value of knowledge and research
    mobilization benefit to public and if yes, how?


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CONSIDER is a 48 month research programme, which started in October 2021 and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No:101008186.


For more information on the project, don’t be shy, reach out to project leader Bahanur Nasya.