We are hiring for Eutropian’s Budapest office!

Eutropian is looking for a part-time collaborator for its Budapest office, starting in January 2021. The collaborator will contribute to Eutropian’s activities in research, project management, communication and advocacy. The new collaborator’s task will be to support Eutropian’s project experts in managing and implementing various processes, in particular the H2020 projects EUARENAS and Open Heritage. In addition, (s)he will support the organisation’s advisory and communication work.

Essential skills:
– background in urban planning, sociology, policy, community building or similar field
– experience in research (field research, case study analysis and policy research)
– experience in project management
– good command of English and Hungarian (Italian, Spanish or/and German are a plus)
– good communication and coordination skills
– good team worker

Desired skills:
– knowledge or interest in participatory and deliberative political practices
– experience in event organisation (trainings, conferences)
– experience in communication, social media and participation technologies
– knowledge of H2020 project structures

Status: corresponding to the Austrian “Freierdienstnehmer” or “Werkvertrag” status.
Location: Budapest, KÉK, Bartók Béla út 10-12. (combined with home office)
Hours: 15-20h weekly (to be negotiated)
Salary: to be negotiated

Please send your CV and letter of interest by 5 January 2021 to
Levente Polyak / levente.polyak@eutropian.org

EUARENAS (H2020, 2021-2024) investigates the ways in which social movements coupled with local government reform initiatives create momentum for political change that include more inclusive and participatory forms of governance. Besides exploring how different forms of citizen participation have started to transform governance cultures of several large European cities, taking active roles in local elections, and becoming part of local political structures, EUARENAS also studies different governance models and the role of technology – communication technologies, social media and co-learning platforms in particular – as a means to generate support for democratic governance processes as well as stimulate Communities of Practice. In EURARENAS, Eutropian builds on its knowledge of public-civic participation and governance mechanisms in matters of urban development and co-designed services. Eutropian also has experience in designing knowledge exchange and learning programs, as well as facilitating public-civic cooperation processes. Based on this expertise, Eutropian will be involved in all WPs, with more substantial work on Case Study research (WP3), supporting Pilot Projects (WP4) and the Knowledge exchange design (WP6).

Open Heritage (H2020, 2018-2022) aims at identifying, improving, testing and disseminating a set of combinable, multipliable and upscalable models of multi-stakeholder cooperation for the socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and resilient re-use of heritage sites in Europe. In Open Heritage, Eutropian works on dissemination events, training programmes and advocacy based on case study and policy research.

Curing the Limbo (UIA, 2018-2021) is a refugee integration project in Athens bringing together aspects of education, employment, housing and community engagement. Tasks: article writing, report redaction, communication.

DARE Ravenna (UIA, 2020-2023) is an urban regeneration process focusing on Ravenna’s Darsena area, helped by the use of data, digital platforms and tools as well as of digital skills. Tasks: article writing, report redaction, communication.

Eutropian is a planning, policy and research organisation helping urban regeneration processes. We work with municipalities, NGOs, community groups and EU institutions across Europe in participatory planning and policy development as well as in fundraising, stakeholder involvement and communication. We are specialised in urban regeneration, cultural development, community participation, local economic development and social innovation, with a special focus on building development scenarios on existing resources. Based on our international network and multi-disciplinary background, we build partnerships by connecting various stakeholders around specific urban challenges, supporting local development through sustainable economic, environmental and social models. We are experienced in facilitating workshops with a diversity of stakeholders, moderating events, coordinating local and international knowledge transfers and education programmes, and designing cooperation processes. Eutropian consists of two legal entities: Eutropian GmbH is a Vienna-based company offering advisory services to municipalities and international organizations, in policy development, project management, participatory planning, cooperation design, fundraising and communication. Associazione Eutropian is a Rome-based non-profit organization, with a focus on conducting research and organizing participatory processes, professional workshops as well as public events. Eutropian has part-time staff working from its Vienna, Rome and Budapest offices.

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